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Negril Reggae music news is difficult to find. Unless you live in Jamaica, it won't be in your local newspaper, for sure. And, unless you have good connections in the Jamaican Reggae music world, it's difficult at best to know what's happening -- who is appearing when and where.

Popular Reggae music artists perform regularly in Negril... And, they appear live! Negril is second only to Kingston in the number of live appearances by well known Reggae singers.

We are counting on our Jamaican readers as well as visitors to the island, to keep us informed!

Know of a show that is scheduled, or has been rescheduled? Just been to a live performance in Negril? We'd love to hear from you.

Whether you live on the island or are a visitor, report in. Tell us who performed and where. Include all the best stuff. We want to hear from YOU! And, if you can include a picture with your post, even better!

And, now for the fun part!

Become part of the Negril Reggae music news! Add your own commentary to any post. Better still...create your own!

If you live in Jamaica or if you've vacationed here recently, write your own Reggae news! Big or small, if it's Reggae news, it belongs here!

It's easy to do, and it will be read by thousands of people who subscribe to

Share what's happening --- Live Reggae in Negril?

New show scheduled? Tell us about it! Been to one? Tell us about it!

Negril Reggae Music News

The Negril night life scene is very fluid. The crowds move around to different clubs every night of the week. One night a club will be so crowded you need to stand in line for 1/2 hour and the next night the same spot can be deserted. There is method to the madness! Make sure you are in the right club on the right night!

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